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Live on Ditty TV
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Live on S0 Cal's 88.5 FM

New music video premiere for “The Blue” on Wide Open Country 

“Following a dream isn't for the faint of heart. Giving all of yourself to conquering something that sometimes feels as vast as the ocean and as uncertain as the weather takes real courage. But that's exactly what California-based singer-songwriter Alice Wallace did.”


Paste Magazine debuts “Santa Ana Winds” video - the first single on “Into The Blue”

"The Santa Ana winds are a force we are so familiar with in California, and many times they are what cause the indiscriminate wildfires that have plagued our state. This video gives just a tiny glimpse into their terrible wrath. So many people have lost so much in the last few years, and this now includes the owners of the Dragonfly Creek Studio in Malibu where we recorded parts of the new album. All of the stark images were recorded at their property, which completely burned with the exception of the stables and the studio. In the midst of their own recovery, they allowed us to film so other people could see the devastation. We’re planning to make a donation toward Malibu’s recovery as part of this album release.

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